Nov 14, 2017

Denim and Navy: Small Business Portfolio

There are a few passions that flow through the veins of this business. I LOVE working with couples just starting their life together. Buoying them up with a strong foundation to build on is a part of this business. I always feel so honored to work with couples a few years (or many years) into their marriages. But this past year I have also found a “secret” passion for small businesses and helping them grow and shine.

The three don’t seem to go together at first glance, but when I look at it from the lens of my overarching love for being a sidekick it all fits together! I love teaming up with and helping fellow small business owners!

After Jen and Tad’s wedding at the Layton Barn, Leiah, who owns the barn, contacted me with a fun new project. Denim and Navy, an online clothing boutique she named after her daughters, was ready to make the next leap and they needed a photographer to team up with for product photos. I’d never done anything like this before, but was so excited for the chance to work with these ladies, and to help them move their business to the next level.

The day of the shoot Leiah had everything set up and ready, and I had to pick my jaws up off the ground when the models (who’d never modeled before) got there. These women were so sweet, so willing to jump in and try new things, and so incredibly beautiful! They’d make a paper sack look amazing, but then in these cute boutique dresses and shirts they were dazzling!

Combining portraiture with detail photos was fun and challenging! Combining angles to flatter the models without being the weird “high fashion poses” (because we were going for a more lifestyle-ish look), have good light on the clothes, and highlight the fun details of each article of clothing was like fitting puzzle pieces together. Good thing I’ve always loved puzzles!

And now, you need to see these Denim and Navy ladies and outfits!

When the younger girls came out in their dresses they were nervous and unsure. So we walked, we made up a boy named Georgie that we gushed about, they spun, laughed, hugged, and giggled, and by the end Denim was telling me “That was so much fun!! I’ll do that again any time!” I might have done my awkward mom happy dance right there!

Aren’t those clothes super cute?! It was so fun to get the early peeks at what’s going in the Denim and Navy store, to meet and work with these amazing women and girls, and to spend an afternoon trying something a little bit new! Want to shop their collection? Check out the links below:

Denim and Navy:


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