Nov 2, 2017

Jace and Chalet’s Mesa AZ LDS Temple Wedding and Rustic Reception

Jace and Chalet couldn’t have picked a more perfect date or time of day for their Mesa AZ LDS Temple Wedding! It was one of the prettiest Mesa days I’ve seen in a long time! Most LDS Temple weddings are scheduled for 10am (which is just tradition, but it makes for a LONNNGGGG day and hard light for photography), but Jace and Chalet chose a late afternoon wedding time and it made for such beautiful light, and a much more relaxed day!

They started with a sweet First Look under the gorgeous sun kissed trees. They were both so excited, nervous, and cute. Before a First Look I love getting the bride in place and taking a photo of her to immortalize that first view that a groom has of his beautiful bride. He can always look back and say, “That will always be how I remember you!”

Jace and Chalet are so natural and comfortable together. They just fit, and I love it! From Jace’s happy and content smile, to Chalets joyous grin, these two are such a great pair and were so fun to be with all day. They were ready for their wedding, and everything felt so right and good! We spent the 20 minutes between the First Look and when they needed to go into the Temple to take their first set of Bride and Groom portraits. The light couldn’t have been more perfect, and these two are just beautiful together!

For LDS Temple weddings the Bride and Groom go in an hour before the ceremony to talk with the officiant (called a Sealer), sign the marriage license, and prepare for the ceremony. I don’t get to attend every single LDS Temple Wedding I shoot, but I was so honored to be invited into Jace and Chalet’s ceremony as a guest (as no photography is allowed). The ceremony was beautiful and sweet. It was fun to watch the faces of Jace and Chalet’s family and friends, and to watch Jace and Chalet themselves as they knelt there at the altar to become husband and wife for time and all eternity. Such sweet moments throughout the whole ceremony! And then of course everyone grinned when these two got to share their first kiss as husband and wife. It was absolutely lovely!

The tradition is for the friends and family to gather outside the temple steps and wait for the Bride and Groom to exit after their wedding. It’s always a fun moment!! These two exited looking straight into the setting sun, but were such good sports and laughed it all off!

Following the exit we got to do some Family Formals and move into the Sunset Portraits. The glow that evening was AMAZING! Everything was golden and beautiful! Especially these two!

I’ve done other Mesa AZ LDS Temple Weddings before, but this was my very first one at sunset, and it was absolutely magical! It allowed me to get some of the reflection pool shots I’ve never been able to before!

Jace and Chalet were so patient and good through the whole day. We kept a close eye on the time so we could send them off for their yummy dinner party in time. Taco dinners in AZ are not something you want to miss!! The timing worked out perfect! Just after the sun set and we had the beautiful post-sunset glow it was Taco Time! Couldn’t have gotten that timing better!

The next day was the reception in Joseph City, Chalet’s hometown (and the town we just moved from a few months ago)! While family and friends finished the last touches of decor for their barn reception, Jace and Chalet let me whisk them away to the wash where the Cottonwoods were all ablaze with fall color!

The reception decor and space blew everyone away. It was the perfect touch of rustic, fall, and classy. From the cute bicycle sign, to the gorgeous florals, to the lanterns, and the pumpkins…everything was perfect!

Do you see the heart made by the beams on the wall?! Cameron pointed it out to me and I had to get a shot of it!

Before the Reception, Jace and Chalet had a Ring Ceremony for the friends and family that weren’t able to attend their ceremony at the Temple the day before. It was sweet, simple, and heartfelt; everything a Ring Ceremony should be!


Jace and Chalet, I loved every minute with you guys and your families! This was such a fabulous weekend and I feel so honored to have been a part of it. You two have such beautiful chemistry and friendship, and I loved seeing that reflected in everything with the wedding. Your love for each other, your laid back approach, and the love from and for your families and friends was so sweet to watch and be a part of all day. We sure love you guys!

Vendors and Creative Team:

Florals: The Morning Rose
Bridal Boutique: A Closet Full of Dresses
Decor, Food, Music, and the use of the Barn: Donated and DIY by loving friends and family

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  1. Patricia white

    November 2nd, 2017 at 11:23 am

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you for allowing us to partake of such Celesrial joy! We love you, Grandpa and Grandma White