Dec 14, 2017

Marquette LaRee Behind the Scenes 2017

You guys! I have been looking forward to this post all. year. long! This is my first ever annual Marquette LaRee Behind the Scenes post! This has been such an amazing year. So many amazing clients have come into my life, and opportunities I never dreamed up when 2017 first opened up.

From shooting weddings WITH Cameron, to a dream come true workshop with Katelyn James in April, to launching my new brand, to United, to the SWEETEST couples in the world, this has been the best year yet for the business! If 2018 is half this good, I’ll be one happy camper!

Seeing the evolution of what I wore to shoot weddings in this year has been funny to go through. Trying to find the right combo of a dress that lets me move and keeps me from flashing people, but that doesn’t get in the way, isn’t white, and isn’t bright has been hard! I think near the end though I finally figured some good choices out.

Deciding how to organize this was hard, but I decided to just go chronologically and build with the year just as it flowed!

Starting the year was Randi and Porter’s glamorous and AMAZING 1920’s themed wedding, where we were all invited to dress up fancy and bling out, even me! It was so gorgeous and so fun, and I was so grateful to my friend Anh, from Bryan and Anh, for coming and shooting the wedding with me!

Anh is the cutest ever!!

Philip and Jordan’s wedding in Safford was blustery, cold, and absolutely beautiful and magical!


Erin and I have shot together numerous times this year and these two photos are still the closest thing we have to a photo of us together! While waiting for things to get going, we snapped these fun shots of each other!

Jordan’s Mom was SO sweet! I loved getting to visit with her during dinner before the festivities restarted. She sure loves her girls!

Kara and Martin’s engagement session in the snow was a BLAST! They literally played the whole time and it was the best. I couldn’t do this post and not include these two behind the scenes shots from their antics!

Late January brought a bridal session out in the badlands! Dream come true! It was so fun to have Deborah, from Deborah Allen Photography, along for this! I don’t know what I was doing in half of these BTS shots, but they crack me up.

I can’t tell if I’m going in for a big hug or trying to teach them to fly here…

Stephanie perfect the train kick! I’ve never seen a bride do that before, but she nailed it! The train was perfectly fluffed every time before I could even walk up there and set it!

In March came a combo session! Headshots for me and my sweet friend Erin, from Sunshine Picture Project, as well as a mini Mommy and me session for Ione’s first Birthday. It was windy and cold that morning and Ione was NOT having it. At all!

She finally was happy when we found a place semi-shielded from the wind, put her back in pjs, and gave her food, bahahaha.

I’m pretty sure this first photo is when I sat on a cactus. Photographer life is glamorous. And want to know what my feet look like after a ranch wedding? Filthy, completely filthy! And I even had closed shoes on!

This fun military couple were a hoot to work with! I loved our Gila River session and how adventurous they were. We came close to some mishaps, but luckily no one ended up falling in!

At weddings I seem to always inadvertently get portraits of myself in silverware, windows, or vases. Once I realize it I always get a shot sans warped Marquette reflection, but they are some funny BTS bloopers to hang on to!

Oh sweet Deborah! Everything that could go wrong did go wrong for her in trying to get down to this wedding to shoot for me. It was a high stress day for her, and yet she pushed through and made it and took amazing shots for me. I didn’t hear the full story of her “adventures” until after the wedding and I couldn’t believe it all! I’m so grateful for these amazing friends and second shooters who have helped me this year, even through some crazy days!

In April I had a dream come true. It happened fast as I picked up a last minute ticket someone had to sell, but I found myself on my way to the first Katelyn James Workshop in their new home! I got to travel out to Virginia with three other AZ ladies and we had an AMAZING time! Even if I only got 2 hours of sleep the night before, it was 100% worth it!

Not a trick shot, I’m just Ginormica, lol.

I still can’t believe I was there, in KJ and Michael’s home, literally sitting at the feet of a woman who I’ve looked up to and loved for years. It was amazing!!

Katelyn just did her Behind the Scenes post for the year and I loved seeing her shots. And then I realized that I have behind the scenes photos of Katelyn and Michael!! I had to include a few here!

All the Academy girls!

We had a short break and I was pooped and had the softest blanket, so rather than get snacks, I took a power nap! And Bokeh and I became buddies. He is actually how I first discovered KJ! I saw a picture of him as a puppy on Pinterest and he looked like a stuffed animal! So I followed the link and have been obsessed with Katelyn ever since!

May found me all over the place! Laura Mae and Kyle’s Utah wedding was so beautiful and so much fun! This wedding Sadie, from Sadie Banks, was my second and I loved getting the chance to meet her after being online friends for a year!

Sadie was amazing! So full of amazing questions that led to amazing discussions, a huge help behind the scenes with reattaching veils, standing in to get my focus set, and getting amazing shots!

Another bucket list moment was getting to shoot on the Mogollon Rim for the first time! Rachel and Charlie’s first look on the Rim was amazing, bloopers and all. This flying veil shot got more flight than we’d intended when it took off!

Once we were done with the veil, Rachel’s mom and cousin found great use for it, bahaha!

A few days later at the wedding, my second, Lara from Exhilaration Photography, caught this funny moment! Rachel’s earring back fell off and was nowhere to be found, so I pulled my earrings off and donated the back. While we were fixing Rachel’s earring, Charlie was in the background pulling faces!

May also brought John and Lorraine’s gorgeous Safford wedding where I got to work with Erin again! I always love the Behind the Scenes shots she gets for me!!

Apparently I point a lot as I give directions!

This wedding was finally the first time I was able to meet Torey, from Cakes with TLC, in person! Her cakes are THE BEST!!!

I’m always so grateful for my second shooters. They work so hard to help me make the day a success. It is ALWAYS a treat to get to shoot with Erin. I always feel like she can read my mind and know exactly what I need and how to get complementing shots!

June brought a brand new second shooter that I was pretty excited about. We’d been talking about this for months now and decided to try it out. Cameron came with me to Benjamin and Katerina’s wedding to start training as a second shooter! I love his creative eye and sense of humor!

June also brought my first Sedona wedding! This was an extra special one for me as it was for the sweet girl who helped pamper me and relieve stress while Ione was in the NICU. Tanika is a sweetheart and I’m so grateful for the chance we had to meet. She and Mike make an amazing couple!

Making sure there are no grass seed heads stuck in the tulle of Tanika’s dress before the ceremony! My job is so much more than just running the camera!

Ala Kazaam! I have no idea what I’m doing here but it cracks me up!!

This wedding my sweet friend Tina, from Pure in Art Photography, came to be my second photographer and to help train Cameron on how to be a second! She is an absolute blast and so extremely talented. And when we needed a bit more height for a shot, we made a pretty good team, bahahaha!

Poor Cameron! This was his first 8 hour wedding day with me. He always kinda made fun of how wussy I was because I came home completely exhausted physically and mentally from weddings. After this he said, “I’ll never make fun of you again! That was hard!! My feet hurt! My head hurts! How do you do that?! How do you stay On the entire time?!” This job is tough, but I LOVE it SO MUCH!!

Peeking to see if the groom was coming for the first look! I love the moments just before, they are so charged with fun energy!!

This engagement session had a visitor that just wouldn’t go away. A GINORMOUS tarantula hawk (a nasty desert wasp) kept flying in close and it had Kennah and Callie quite nervous!

And this shot, bahaha. He just wanted to be in the shot so bad!

Creating the shot sometimes takes way more work than you’d guess. With no ladders and no low branches, we had to get creative!

Oh the bugs! This shot makes me laugh and cringe at the same time! We all were coated in bug spray by the end of the day!

When you shoot downtown, you just have to expect some extra additions every now and again!

Susan, a sweet friend and Mom of this gorgeous senior, snapped this fun Behind the Scenes shot of the mini Senior Session we did as I was passing through the Gila Valley on my way to see my Mom!

Weddings take all sorts of ingenuity and creativity. Jen, the bride was riding with me, but had her lap full of her train. To keep her bouquet and vase from tipping over and getting munched I found the perfect holder! Who know carseats would be a handy photographer trick?!

October brought on the only wedding I’ve ever shot where the total commute was less than an hour for me! Working with Stasha from Jars and Lace was amazing! I love that lady; she is so talented and so sweet!! And shooting the wedding alongside Claire, from Claire Waite Photography, was absolutely amazing. I loved working with her so much!

When the videographers step in so you can test the light. Ahahahaha!

Cameron hasn’t been able to come to all the weddings with me this year, so it was a treat when he was able to come to the reception for our sweet friend’s wedding! And of course this is the one shot we have together, him being a goober. That’s us!

And my last working shot of me with long hair!

And finally United! I still can’t believe how much was packed into those four days! This exclusive photography conference in Tempe was amazing! And I got to meet so many of my online friends and mentors. This is our Academy group picture, and I LOVE it! These people are AMAZING!

Monday night was the “Fiesta de la Party”, which is a play on words for all of us southwesterners…it means Party of the Party. Bahaha. Kara and Martin gifted me a beautiful orange mexican dress after their wedding. I was so excited to get to wear it to the Fiesta in their honor.

Tuesday night we all got to get dressed up and attend the Gala for a fancy dinner, dancing, and awards. I couldn’t believe it when I heard my name called out for an award! It makes me proud and makes me laugh all at the same time. Because of the story and the dress from the Fiesta, I was awarded the “Most Bueno Fiesta de la Partier” award! This is me making my way up through the tables to get my fun award!

And then the year wouldn’t be complete without a behind the scenes shot or two from our family photo session. Mikaela is a sweet sweet friend here in Payson. We traded family photo sessions and I LOVE our photos! She was a huge rockstar and came with baby Emily in tow (who was an angel for the whole session, seriously amazing).

Happy 2017!!

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    What a fun year!!!! I love seeing your outfits through the year! Finding ones that you don’t flash people in is definitely a struggle! 😛

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    One day we will shoot together and it will be amazing!!

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