Jan 4, 2018

One Word for One Year: 2018

For five years now I have taken a double approach to my goals for the New Year. One is an awesome list of things I want to do/try/achieve (more on that next week!!), and the other is to choose One Word for One Year.

My first year doing this was 2014. 2013 had been hard. Terror at the idea of becoming a mother, depression triggered by pregnancy hormones, nearly losing my Mom to crazy health issues, the possibility of moving for Cameron to start Grad school, Darrow’s eye/neurological and eating issues after birth, etc. I was a wreck.

When 2014 came, and when I heard of this idea of prayerfully choosing one word and having it be your theme and focus for the year, I knew exactly what I needed to zero in on. Joy. I needed to learn to find and make joy in my life, the joy that seemed so absent the year before. I learned so much that year about Joy and about choosing joy rather than waiting for it to smack me in the head.

Following years sometimes the word came a few years into the year, and other years, like 2 years ago, the year shows up in November. And it lurks. It makes you wonder what is coming. It makes you excited and nervous. Because you know this is what God needs you to focus on and that’s exciting and terrifying all at once that the message is coming through so strong and profoundly.

This year is one of those years. I can tell you exactly where I was and when. It was the opening session of United at the beginning of November. Todd Watson, CEO of Showit, was speaking about the theme of the conference and about doing hard things. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

That was my theme. Do Hard Things. They even gave us an awesome card with that printed on it.

I’ve been thinking on that the past two months, and more and more I know that is what I’m supposed to focus on. But since it’s not technically one word (and I love keeping with tradition like a goober), my word for 2018 is Persevere.

We have big goals, and I have this itch in the back of my mind that this year is going to be big and hard. I don’t know exactly how. And it scares me. But it makes me excited. Some of the best things in life are the hardest things.

Since my One Word dropped on me at United, and since all of us Showiteers (people with a Showit website!) were given a cute Showit Robot, I decided that he’s going to be my mascot for the year. This is Percy, short for Persevere.

Showit Robot

He’s on my shelf by my computer, next to my flying pig, waving at me to remind me that I can do hard things. You’ll see him pop up on Instagram here and there through the year even!

So this is it! 2018! The year in which I do hard things. Here we go!

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  1. Kayla Grey

    January 4th, 2018 at 5:22 pm

    I love this idea! What an interesting thing to incorporate into your life! It gives you something to focus on throughout the entire year, which can be great anytime you feel down! I might have to do this too!

  2. Ashley Ziegler

    January 5th, 2018 at 5:45 pm

    I love this so much! What a cute little robot! 🙂

  3. KLM

    January 6th, 2018 at 11:26 pm

    Love that! you can totally do hard things!

  4. veronica ilioi

    January 10th, 2018 at 10:34 am

    I love your little mascot, my 4 year old took ownership of mine haha. My word this year is INTENTIONAL 🙂