Feb 7, 2018

Are Bride and Groom Sunset Portraits really worth it?

“Do we really need sunset portraits if we do a First Look?”
“We’re already doing Bride and Groom portraits right after the ceremony, why do sunset portraits?”
“Doing Sunset Portraits would mean stepping out of the reception for a few minutes…that seems such a hassle!”

I know. All very legitimate worries and questions. But can I show you the magic of Sunset Portraits and why I strongly suggest for every couple to take the 15 minutes out of their wedding day for them?! And I won’t even talk about light first, even though that’s super important. First, lets talk about you!

Sunset Portraits come at a magical time of day where everything is perfect. The ceremony is over. The nerves are gone. You feel relaxed, ecstatic, and you finally get to be by your sweetheart instead of separated in different preparation rooms. This means you are at a prime point to really enjoy portraits and to let your true emotions shine unrestrained. Grooms are more laid back and lovey (no groomsmen bros to impress!), brides are more snuggly, and that combination is golden!!

Okay, NOW to talk about light.

Sunset and those minutes between sunset and twilight (I like to call it sunset afterglow) are beautiful for a number of reasons!

First, the light has a golden tone to it (sometimes here in AZ it even has a pink hue!). This makes your skin look AMAZING! I’ve never seen it look bad on anyone. Ever! Who can say no to awesome looking skin?!


What the light does to your skin, it also does to the landscape and sky. This photo was taken in the “afterglow”. While the sun is up you can see the red in the hills, but once the direct light was gone the red was jaw-dropping. This light lasted for only about 8 minutes, but it made everything so gorgeous!

Second, sunset light (or golden hour light) is less harsh. It has more atmosphere to go through and is coming at more of a side angle making shadows larger and softer (not as contrasted like at noon). This means softer light on you AND the surroundings which is more romantic and flattering.


Sunset portraits also allow for some beautiful sun features in your photos! From silhouettes, to sun rays, to that beautiful sun halo in your hair. These are so much easier to achieve at sunset!

Sunset portraits at first can seem like an unnecessary addition. However, once you realize the magic that comes at that time of day it feels more like an awesome gift and not an extra chore. This is the magic time where you and your sweetheart are most relaxed, natural, and romantic and when the light makes everything look its best. It’s a win-win!


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