Feb 15, 2018

My Favorite Dresses to Shoot in: Sweden Dress from Cleo Madison

I am ALWAYS on the hunt for the perfect dresses to shoot in, and dresses/boutiques I can recommend to my clients when they ask for places to look when they want something new to wear for their sessions. Being tall and having Momma Fluff makes finding just the right dresses a little bit hard for me, so whenever I find something that I love and that works, it makes me extra excited!

A few weeks ago I realized that if I’m having trouble finding dresses to shoot in, maybe others are as well! So once a month or so I want to start sharing some of my favorite dresses to shoot in and where you can get them (or dresses like them)!

Let me first start this with the fact that I am NOT a fashion blogger. Bahaha, far from it. For this first dress I asked on Instagram for some styling/accessorizing tips and got so many amazing responses! Thank you for your help! This put me a bit beyond my comfort zone (why is it so hard for photographers to get on the other side of the lens by themselves?!), but I’m glad I did it! Mikaela, my sweet friend from Mikaela Durfee Photography, was so sweet to come out and shoot these for me while our menfolk watched the kids at the park. We goofed off (because that’s how I vent my awkwardness in front of the camera…oh man all the behind the scenes shots are cracking me up! But that’s a post for the end of the year!), talked, and enjoyed our beautiful Payson weather!

This first dress is the Sweden dress from Cleo Madison. And IT HAS POCKETS!!!! That may have been a big reason why I chose that dress in the first place. And I just love the hem line that dips in front and back!


This dress will be a fabulous summer dress as it is light. However, it was a bit nippy the day we did photos and I was cold! So this will likely be a dress I favor for my warmer weddings.

Being tall (I’m 5’10”), this dress hit on the upper edges of what I like to wear while shooting weddings. My goals for my shooting dresses are to help me look professional and dependable. This does it! Dresses also need to keep me modest with all the crouching, climbing, running, etc that I end up doing on a wedding day to get the shots. So I will be pairing this with leggings when it’s not hot, and biker shorts on the warm days.

Also during this shoot I realized that this dress isn’t as favorable as is for bosomous ladies…it will need an undershirt next time so it’s not stretched thin and letting the under layers show through.

But those really are my only “complaints”, and it just stems from my body shape/height. The dress itself is comfortable, modest, and cute!

For reference: I am 5’10”, wear a size 12/14 in pants and dresses, and am wearing a Large in these photos.

This dress is fun to wear as is with some jewelry, or to accessorize with jackets, scarves, and belts! I had a hard time narrowing down my choices to these three combinations! A long kimono style cardigan is on my wishlist for pairing with this!

Want to get this for yourself?! Check out Cleo Madison and sign up for their newsletter to receive 10% off your first order (which would bring this dress down to $26.10!).


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