Mar 6, 2018

Gila Valley Bridal Fair

This past weekend I participated in my very first ever Bridal Fair! This was the 3rd Annual Gila Valley Bridal Fair and I was so excited to get to go and participate. It was something new and scary, but this is the year of doing hard things and persevering, and I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone.

For the booth I teamed up with Stasha Barlow, from Jars & Lace. She designed the setup and decor and I provided the photos and frames, and it was such a fun combination! She designed our double booth to have 4 different themes in sections to show different styles of weddings and possibilities. It was so fun to find photos to match to each style and color scheme.

Stasha does Sola Wood Flower arrangements that are amazing! She can dye them just about any color and I love her creativity with how her arrangements come together.

Across from our booth was Poesy Floral Studio! She is an insanely talented florist with a beautiful garden style vibe. I just lover her arrangements so much!

Half of the fun of the Bridal Fair was getting to see and support all my vendor friends! Torey, with Cakes with TLC, puts on the event and is the main sponsor, and she does an AMAZING job! And then on top of it her cakes are so beautiful and delicious. See that wood layer on the bottom right cake? That’s a cake layer…not real wood. She’s amazing.

Near the end of the Bridal Fair Torey did a cake cutting demonstration to show how to get the most servings out of a round cake. I’ve been cutting my cakes wrong all these years!


I think next year, now that I have a bit of an idea how this goes, I’ll have someone come help run the booth with me so I can take some time to wander around and get more shots of the event as a whole! I was impressed with the vendor turnout and the booths they set up. It really was a fun event!

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