Apr 18, 2018

Custom Wedding Dolls by House of Worry Dolls: A Giveaway

You guys! I have someone to introduce to you today, and I am SO excited for this!! This is Amaryah, and she is the creative genius and talent behind House of Worry Dolls!

Amaryah creates the most amazing worry dolls based on tv and movie characters, super heroes, and literary characters.

She says, “I was in a Girl Scout Troop for several years when I was young and we did lots of crafts together. One was learning how to make these little clothespin dolls, which we called ‘worry dolls’. They were fun to make and I made and sold them with friends on a few occasions at craft fairs as magnets and pins. Flash forward 15 years and my mom came across some extra magnet dolls in my old bedroom and sent them to me. They sat on our fridge for a couple years, until one night my husband and I sat brainstorming ideas for an Etsy shop I could open to earn extra money. After feeling that everything I could do had already been done, I saw those dolls on the fridge and thought, ‘hey, maybe I could make and sell these!’ And with that, I jumped in headfirst and opened my shop. It’s grown more than I ever expected and now here we are!”

She keeps coming up with the cutest characters. I just love this cute spin on the traditional Guatemalan worry dolls!

AND….she does the most beautiful custom worry dolls for families and couples!! I’ve been drooling over these for MONTHS and am so excited to finally have a set of US to hang on our wall. These seriously are so cute! If I could get one for every one of my wedding couples, I so would. I can’t get one for everyone, but if you read to the bottom I do have a gift for you (but don’t just skip to the bottom)!

Amaryah modeled our set after our 10th Anniversary Portraits and I’m thinking I’m going to have to order one of our wedding so we have both! Maybe every 10 years we’ll just order a new set to have.

Deciding between having the ornaments or the wall hanging was really hard, but I finally decided on the wall hanging, and it is such a fun addition to our decor! It came wrapped up so cute with the twine and a sweet hand written card.


And look at this detail!!

And now! I told you that I have a gift for you, and I do! I can’t get a set of these for everyone, but I’ve partnered with House of Worry Dolls to give away $10 off an order to 5 people!

Here’s how to get your own House of Worry Dolls set!

  1. Click here to go to her Etsy Shop
  2. Pick the item(s) you want
  3. Save $10.00 off your order from House of Worry Dolls when you spend $42. Discount applied at checkout.  (Didn’t click the link but found her shop anyway? You can use the code MARQUETTE10 at checkout)
  4. Enjoy your awesome set of Worry Dolls!!

Bonus points (which don’t earn you anything except for our love and virtual high fives which really are awesome)

  1. Follow House of Worry Dolls on Instagram to see awesome behind the scenes, latest listings, and cute creations!
  2. Not on Instagram? Then head to Facebook and follow House of Worry Dolls there! (Or if you’re both places, you can totally get to chill out at both House of Worry Doll hangouts!)

These 5 coupons are going to go FAST!! so if you want to order a custom wedding or family set (or a few of her character dolls) I would go grab those NOW! Even if you don’t make it to the first 5 to get the discount, they are still totally worth the full price!


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