Apr 11, 2018

How to Keep Your Bouquet Looking Fresh: A Guest Post by Poesy Floral Studio

Hi everyone! First of all, thank you Marquette for giving me a small corner of your lovely space today. It’s a joy to be able to share with you all one of my passions in life: flowers!

So today I’m just going to touch on how to keep your bouquet looking fresh and fabulous all day long for your wedding!  

1) Keep your flowers in water when not in use

First of all, what I want you to keep in mind is that flowers are much tougher than you realize. I once had the sweetest little Veronica flower that was accidentally left out of water all night long. I popped it back in some fresh water as soon as I saw it’s limp little stem. After a few hours it perked right back up! You can see it in the picture below sticking straight up–isn’t that amazing?

That being said, you really do not want your bridal bouquet to get to that stage, so give those flowers a drink! During your pictures, during the wedding ceremony–your flowers will be fine without any water. But if there is a break between your wedding pictures and walking down the aisle, I suggest putting them in a simple vase with just enough water so they can get a drink. You don’t want to get the ribbon wet, so be very careful the water just reaches up to the stems!

(See how the stems just barely dip into the water? That’s the perfect amount for the flowers to drink, and to protect the ribbon from getting soaked!)

In fact, you could put your flowers in a lovely vase at the entrance of your ceremony location! This could be where guests sign in, or perhaps where there is a welcome sign. Your guests get to enjoy and see the blooms up close, you get an added piece of decor, and the flowers are waiting for you when you walk down the aisle!

2) Be considerate of the blooms you use and the time of year you get married.

Okay, let’s just be honest. We live in Arizona and if you get married in July, your flowers are going to have a much more difficult time withstanding that sort of heat. There are also some flowers that just don’t do as well as others when put under the pressure of being out of water all day. At my sister’s wedding over ten years ago, long before I became a floral designer, she had lovely tulips in her bouquet. By the time she was walking down the aisle, they were droopy!

Other flowers that may have a difficult time staying out of water for longer periods of time are hydrangeas and basically any white flower. Hydrangeas are lovely when they are in an arrangement that is not going to be moved very much, and is going to stay in an air conditioned room. And in general, a bridal bouquet with a lot of white flowers is just not going to age as gracefully as other bouquets. The reason why is that when white flowers get thirsty, their petals generally turn brown. Imagine your all white bridal bouquet turning brown before you walk down the aisle! It’s a totally natural thing for flowers to do, but we all want to avoid that, right?

Try asking your floral designer about more neutral flowers that lean more towards blush and beige. The flowers above include a few white garden roses, but mostly the most perfect nude rose and blushy carnations. It still exudes the classic feel of a white bouquet, without the risk of browning petals! If you must have an all-white bouquet, be sure to take my advice! Keep it in water as much as possible! Also, make sure that your wedding and reception are in an air conditioned room where they will be nice and cold.

3) Eco fresh bouquet wrap

My final suggestion is asking your florist about Eco fresh wraps which are pretty nifty! They are like little sponges that you wrap around your bouquet to give your flowers water without the vase. These would be good for if you are doing an outdoor wedding and don’t have access to water for your flowers, or you know that your flowers will be out of water for a long time. I’m not going to lie, though, the biggest downside is that they are kind of an eyesore. So only use when you absolutely must, or take it off right before you go down the aisle!

Eco Wrap Bouquet

Photo by Janel Westerfield, Poesy Floral Studio

Well, I truly hope that was helpful to you! The most important thing is trust between you and your floral designer. I genuinely want your wedding flowers to be as magical and amazing as you always dreamed they would be. I can’t wait to work with you very soon!


Janel Westerfield Poesy Floral Studio


Janel Westerfield is the owner and floral designer at Poesy Floral Studio. She grew up in the midwest picking honeysuckle flowers in her backyard, before relocating to southeastern Arizona with her husband. Janel’s design focuses on natural, garden-inspired aesthetics with lots of texture and layers, bringing elegant touches to your special day. When she is not flowering, she is raising her two darling daughters, Florence and Matilda, while sipping an iced coffee and listening to a podcast. You can see more of her work on her website and don’t forget to find her on Instagram and Facebook!





I was so excited when Janel accepted my invitation to guest blog! She has been on my dream team vendor list for a while and I was so excited to get to work with her this year on a wedding and to have a booth across from her at the Gila Valley Bridal Fair! She is so talented and knowledgeable, and you can’t help but feel like she’s your best friend as soon as you meet her. Gila Valley brides, you CAN’T go wrong working with Janel for your dream wedding flowers! She’s amazing!!

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  1. Misty

    April 12th, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    Those Eco fresh wraps look SLICK for these middle of no-where weddings!! Great tips!!

  2. Karen Shoufler

    April 12th, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    This is great! I love how she says you can relax about using them for pictures and then put them in water. I have brides get so nervous about using them for photos.

  3. Kate Gansneder

    April 12th, 2018 at 9:09 pm

    There are some great floral tips here! Always good to hear from a pro about what they know best.