Apr 24, 2018

Jadyn’s Quinceanera

This past weekend I got to experience my first ever Quinceanera, and I loved it! From the beautiful Mass, to the sweet friends and family celebrating Jadyn, to the beautiful dress, and the fun evening, everything was an amazing celebration of a sweet young woman!

The Mass took place at the Holy Cross Catholic Church in Morenci, Arizona. Not being Catholic, it was really neat to see the Mass and to listen to the words spoken. I loved how the Father explained that at baptism, a child’s parents take responsibility for their faith, and at the Quinceanera the young woman then takes responsibility for her faith, while still respecting the guidance from her parents. It was really sweet!

Isn’t Jadyn just beautiful?!

Jadyn’s friends and family all came together to celebrate this big moment in her life. The love and care that was poured onto her was so sweet. From the handmade flowers, to the dinner, to the sweet gifts, to the hugs and support, everything was perfect!

I showed her some of these photos on the back of my camera just after taking them and she got excited. “That’s me?! I look beautiful!!!” Oh Jadyn! You were stunning then and are beautiful every single day!

I always love when it comes time for the Marcha! A number of weddings I’ve shot have included the Marcha and I was so glad to see it here as well. I always secretly want to join in!

Following the Marcha, Jadyn’s dad changed her shoes from her pretty tennis shoes to her beautiful high heels, symbolizing her transition from childhood to womanhood. It was so sweet!

Their Father Daughter dance was so fun! Everyone loved it!

The court’s dance was so beautiful! These kids worked hard to learn the dance and did such an amazing job!

Vendors and Creative Team:

Handmade Flowers at the Cake Table: Amanda Stacey
Cake: Jessica Rodriguez
Dress: Amelia Alvillar Quince and Bridal 
Centerpieces: Made by the Family
Quince Cookies: Cakes with TLC
Nails and Makeup: Nailed by Syl

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  1. Ashley Ziegler

    April 24th, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    These are beautiful!! Your indoor lighting looks insanely good! 🙂 Love these!!