Apr 12, 2018

Josh and Jaci’s Pima, AZ Engagement Session

I first met Jaci at the Gila Valley Bridal Fair. She and my cousin Josh were dating and we were all just waiting for Josh to ask The Question because these two make the best couple ever! I loved Jaci from that first moment and was so excited to get to do their Pima, AZ Engagement Session.

Josh and Jaci are sweet, fun-loving, connected, and just so darn cute! They picked a spot in the Gila Valley that was totally new to me (I LOVE shooting in new places!), and we all headed out into the desert with the leafed out ocotillo and Mount Graham rising up in the background. The views from atop the mesa were beautiful! And even with that “beloved” (read those as sarcasm marks instead of quotation marks) spring wind, I loved the time we had together out in the desert!

I LOVE Jaci’s ring!! IT’s so beautiful and so unique. Having a unique non-diamond ring myself, I always love seeing engagement rings with other gemstones in them.

They can barely look at each other without breaking into smiles and grins! It’s the cutest thing ever!

And then Jaci found a heart shaped prickly pear. You can’t pass that up!!!

And then the ocotillo were all leafed out!! Did you know that ocotillo are my second favorite cactus?!

I told them that they rocked, and then they laughed and picked up some rocks. These two crack me up!

Josh and Jaci, thanks so much for a fun evening in the desert and for all your patience with the wind! You took it in stride and just had fun with it, and that made this shoot awesome!! Love you both to death! Jaci, welcome to this crazy family of ours!


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  1. Ashley Ziegler

    April 12th, 2018 at 2:46 pm

    Her ring is beautiful!