Apr 25, 2018

Where to Order Prints

We all love getting to share photos on Facebook and see the likes roll in, but that is not where photos were meant to live! This is something I even struggle with, but am working to remedy that lately. I just hung up prints from our most recent family session and the feeling of our living room changed instantly!

Photos were meant to be printed. They bring a home to life! A printed photo holds 15X the power and nostalgia as a digital photo. Okay, I totally made that percentage up, but the rest of that statement is true! Printed photos pack more punch than digital!

But where do you get them printed?! I can help with that!

First, there is a huge difference between consumer level photos and professional print lab photos.

Consumer level photos (like Walmart, Walgreens, Shutterfly, and even Costco) are often printed on uncalibrated machines, and many have “photo enhancing software” that they apply to the photos. These work when you need fast prints, but if you want your photos to look as beautiful as they do on screen, I highly recommend splurging to get more professional prints!

At the bridal fair I did recently I realized I failed to order 4 4×6 shots that I needed, but it was too late to order from my lab, so I got quick prints done at Walgreens hoping they’d work. They did…but just barely. The contrast was off, two photos were grainy, one was darker, and the color didn’t match up with the professional prints. In the end I only showed two of them and tucked the other two away because they just didn’t do the photo justice at all.

So you know where I wouldn’t suggest, but what DO I suggest?

1. Your PASS+ Gallery

You can order prints directly from your Pass+ Gallery that you get from our session together! These prints are fulfilled through a professional lab without the insane price tag that you sometimes find on professional prints. They are beautiful and come straight to your door! If you don’t see the size of photo you are looking for, you can let me know and I can special order something for you easy-peasy!

2. Don’t want to Order through Pass+, or booked with a photographer that doesn’t use Pass+ but gave you printing rights? Try MPix!

Mpix has a consumer level service for professional level prints! Their prices are reasonable, and their prints are beautiful!

3. Want to print a book? Try Blurb!!

Blurb books are beautiful! They are my choice for family yearbooks, travel books, and for printing off photo books (not albums! I order those through a different company).

4. Canvases and Albums

These are two things that I recommend ordering professionally!


The companies I use are top notch and I wouldn’t pick anyone else to put them together. The canvases are stretched tight, have a finished back, don’t sag, and have the most beautiful color! The albums are absolutely exquisite. They look and smell beautiful (anyone else love the smell of fresh paper, linen, and leather?!). I am more than happy to work with you and get these products ordered for you.

In fact, you should see two of the beautiful albums I’ve ordered!!

Check out Benjamin and Katerina’s linen album for their sweet desert courtyard wedding. 
Check out Peter and Samantha’s leather album from their rustic mountain wedding. 
Read more about why I believe prints and albums are powerful and important!

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