Jun 25, 2018

Cody and Danica’s Superstition Mountains Anniversary Session

Cody, Danica, Cameron, and I all went to college together. While we didn’t hang out much then, we’ve been able to reconnect in the past little bit. Danica and I comment back and forth on Instagram pretty much daily, and she has the funniest sense of humor! I always love seeing a comment or message pop up from her. Cody and Danica celebrated 11 years of marriage this year and so we went out to the desert for a fun and romantic Superstition Mountains Anniversary Session.

One of the reasons I love anniversary sessions so much is to be able to pull a couple out of the every day and help them remember just how much in love they are and just what helped them fall in love in the first place. After the wedding, few couples have formal portraits taken of just the two of them beyond a shot or two during a family session. Most have forgotten how to be lovey-dovey in front of the camera. But it doesn’t take long before the romance sets in, the playfulness takes hold, and the chemistry starts flowing.

If a couple leaves their session more in love, then I’ve done my job as their sidekick right! That is always my goal with an anniversary session!

After the session, Danica and I were messaging and she sent the sweetest note (and gave me permission afterwards to post it). This is exactly why I LOVE anniversary sessions!!
You can hardly beat having the Superstition Mountains in the background for any type of session! And boy they did not disappoint that night either! This was a new spot for me, but I loved it! So much diversity with cactus, light, rocks, and backgrounds. And we had it all to ourselves! Woo! It was beautiful as it was, but man we kept talking about how beautiful it will be after the monsoons come and it reawakens. Come on rain!!

Seriously, aren’t these two the cutest together?!

A little friend joined the fun…gotta love desert shoots. Can you see him?!


Cody and Danica, thank you SO much for coming out to the boonies and for such an amazing session! I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. It was totally worth the cactus spines in my feet. I’d do it all over again even with the cactus and the rattle snake! It was so fun to get to connect with you two again and to visit. Love you both!!


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  1. Danica Claridge

    June 26th, 2018 at 12:06 am

    I’ve looked at these over and over again and each time I love them more and more. You don’t even know what they mean to me. Thank you so much.