Jun 14, 2018

Josh and Jaci’s Gila Valley LDS Temple Wedding

Josh and Jaci’s Gila Valley LDS Temple Wedding day was so calm, full of loved ones and friends, and beautiful! From the bouquet Jaci’s Dad made for her, to her beautiful flowing dress, to the chance to visit with Josh before the First Look and see how excited he was, to getting to visit with friends and family…every bit of the day was a reflection of this sweet couple in the most perfect way.

We started the day with a First Look on temple grounds. I always tell my couples that this part of the day is for them to just be the two of them, and they can take just 2 minutes or 20. They can talk, snuggle, laugh, dance, cry, walk, whatever they way…this time is theirs. And just like Josh’s older sister did at her First Look, Josh and Jaci saw each other, laughed, hugged, and went on a walk around the temple.

Josh and Jaci have such a sweet and connected romance. They are unpretentious, kind, and radiate goodness! I loved getting to just be around them!

Their ceremony was beautiful! The Sealer talked about the importance of the Atonement of Christ as it applies to marriage. He talked about how an eternal marriage isn’t possible without the Atonement. I’d never thought of it that way! It is always neat when I am able to attend the ceremony for these LDS Temple weddings. They are simple, and no photography is allowed, but I always feel so uplifted and inspired to be a better person.

Temple Exits are always fun, as they come out to as Man and Wife and get to visit with all their friends and family, those that had attended the ceremony and those that weren’t able to. LDS Temple Weddings are open only to adult LDS Members in good standing with the church, and the couple usually only invites the friends and family closest to them to attend as seating is limited. So the Temple Exit is the first time younger siblings and other friends and family that weren’t able to attend get to greet the couple after they are married and it’s always such a joyful and fun moment!

Josh served a 2 year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Hawaii. Additionally his cousin married an amazing woman from Samoa. In honor of his mission, and to celebrate their marriage Neeka sent these beautiful leis for Josh and Jaci for their wedding day.

When Jaci’s Dad asked what she was going to do for flowers, she said she probably wouldn’t have any. However, Jaci’s Dad served a mission in Japan. While there he volunteered for a family in their flower shop each week. Pulling on that experience, he created Jaci’s bouquet for her. How sweet is that?!

The reception was held at the courtyard of the old LDS chapel in Pima, AZ. IT was such a cute place for all their friends and family to gather!


Josh and Jaci, your wedding day was absolutely amazing! From the sweet First Look, to your first kiss as husband and wife, to the leis, to the ice cream cake fight…everything was so laid back yet celebratory and fun! Thank you so much for inviting me in to this part of your love story. And Jaci, welcome to this big crazy family of ours!

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  1. Ashley Ziegler

    June 15th, 2018 at 10:57 am

    Man… this lighting that you get in Arizona makes me want to up and move there!!! What a beautiful post!!! Her dress is my favorite… so elegant and classy but creamy and magical…. idk. Haha!! I just love it:)

  2. Marquette LaRee

    June 18th, 2018 at 4:54 pm

    We definitely had good strong light that day! It’s so crazy how the light differs around the state!