Jul 2, 2018

Kyle and LauraMae’s Sunrise Anniversary Session at the Superstition Mountains

Saturday morning my alarm went off at 2am. I had to be ready and out the door at 2:45am so that I could be down to the desert to meet up with these sweet friends for their sunrise Anniversary Session! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. And yet at the same time these two belong together and it feels like they’ve been together always.

I can count the number of sunrise sessions I’ve done on one hand. Why? Because it’s wayyyy early. But also why only that many?! Why not more?!?! I forgot just how amazing sunrise sessions are. The light is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve talked about that amazing post sunset glow that I LOVE shooting in that only lasts about 15 minutes, right? Well the pre-sunrise glow lasts almost twice as long and it’s absolutely breathtaking. The world feels fresh, it’s not as hot by a long shot, and it’s just magical!

Kyle and LauraMae are in the Phoenix valley this summer for an internship for Kyle. As soon as they found out they were headed this direction from New Mexico, LauraMae sent me a message to see about doing a First Anniversary Session. I hadn’t seen these two since their wedding last year, so I was all over this! These two are so fun in front of the camera, so uplifting to visit with, and anniversary sessions have a real special spot in my heart. I was in!

Having spent their first year of marriage in southern New Mexico, Kyle and LauraMae wanted somewhere that paid homage to that, but also had an Arizona feel for this summer internship they are at. So cholla, mountains, and desert were all in…with just a touch of saguaros here and there for that AZ desert feel. I’m so glad we went out to the Superstition Mountains. It was absolutely breathtaking, and it fit the bill perfectly!

The astronomy nerd part of me couldn’t let the shoot start without a picture of them with the moon in the sky,

Seriously guys…tell me this light isnt’t magical! And it just got better and better!

And then slowly the sun came up and it just kissed everything it touched. The desert glowed. Everything glowed! Now I want a sunrise anniversary session in the desert!

Kyle and LauraMae, I LOVED getting to see you two again. This meant so much to me to be able to meet up and celebrate your first year of marriage with you. I love your zeal for life, your energy, your passion, and just how dang cute you are together. I’m so excited for this internship and this crazy limbo jumping off point in your life. So many good things to come. Love you both and can’t wait to see you again!


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  1. Ashley Ziegler

    July 2nd, 2018 at 10:36 am

    SO PRETTY!!!!! I love her outfit choice.

    Could you come to UT and do photos for Brady and I? Your work is GORRRRRGEOUS!!