Aug 21, 2018

Ricky and Dahana’s Wedding at the First Christian Church of Phoenix

Ricky and Dahana are such an amazingly sweet and caring couple, and that was so clearly evident in every bit of their wedding. I watched as they both checked on their guests and vendors all through the day, trying to make sure that everyone was taken care of and doing well. So much so that I don’t think they ever sat down for a bite to eat! Seeing their gracious hearts in action was so incredibly sweet!

The wedding was held in Phoenix at the First Christian Church designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The church is beautiful and gave that amazing cathedral feel that Dahana longed for. And everyone there at the church was absolutely amazing to work with. So incredibly sweet, accommodating, easy to work with, and ready to do what they could for this awesome couple. They saw me squatting under a table to get a shot and rushed in and moved it out to the foyer so I could easily get in and out of the sweet spot.

But I am already getting way ahead of myself! The day started at a beautiful rented home in Phoenix, nestled into the hills. As I walked in the most AMAZING smells hit me like a wall. Dinner was already cooking and just from that first whiff I knew it was going to be a chart topper.

Dahana’s family lead me upstairs to the room where she and her bridesmaids were all together getting ready. It was so fun to walk in and meet them all and see Dahana’s big smile. From that very first moment I was there, she was asking what she could do for me, even as she was getting her makeup done. We just ended up trying to out-sidekick each other all day!

While Dahana got the final touches of makeup, I was able to take her details and start warming up and capturing these touches that helped to complete her timeless and classic look for the day.

While the hair and makeup were all done at the rental, we went to the church where her gorgeous La Sposa gown was waiting for her.

Isn’t she absolutely stunning?!

The menfolk had a room downstairs to slip into their attire and take a few minutes to hang out and goof off. These guys were a hoot and added so much fun to the wedding party.

And then before we knew it, it was time for the First Look! 

Guys…her dress had pockets!!!! So genius!


The inside of the church was so unique and beautiful. I haven’t ever been in a building quite like it!The stained glass, rockwork, and angles all worked together in the most amazing way! And I loved that they used the old organ pipes as decor around the room. 

Dahana’s bouquet was exquisite. That’s not normally a word I use everyday, but it fits here so well. The combination of flowers was so beautiful, playful, elegant, and eye catching!

And then it was TIME! I always get so excited when the ceremony starts up, but as the bridal march echoed through the room I had shivers run up and down my spine. It was the perfect moment!

I know, little man, that stained glass steeple is pretty dang cool!

Following the ceremony we all headed over to La Princesa for the reception. The room was so nice and cool on that hot and muggy (for Phoenix, ~30% humidity is muggy!) evening. Everything was set and beautiful!

Aren’t these two beautiful together?!

Back inside it was time for dinner to get started. And OH. MY. GOSH. It tasted every bit as good as it had smelled while it was cooking that morning. Mole, tortillas, chicken, and rice cooked to perfection with just the right touch of spice to it. Dahana came over to see how we were doing just as I finished up and her face broke into a grin. “That just made my heart so happy! You really are from New Mexico! Do you want another plate?!”

And as our table burst out laughing at my face, Dahana grinned and swept off to the kitchen to grab an extra plate for me before I could stop her. She and Ricky went around the room making sure everyone was settled and doing well and wanted to make sure their guests were enjoying their food before they would even think of sitting down to a plate of their own.

The wedding cake impressed everyone there, and the kids couldn’t believe that the flowers were technically edible! It was so beautiful and so tasty! And Dahana surprised us all with the cake cutting shenanigans!

Ricky and Dahana, you two are amazing! Your Christ-centered hearts are so big and so beautiful. I loved watching you two together and with all your loved ones. It was such a joy to be there with you on your wedding day and to get to be your sidekick. I loved every minute and will always dream of that mole. 😉 Thank you for inviting me into your lives! You have such a special spot in my heart, always and forever!


Vendors and Creative Team:

Ceremony Venue: First Christian Church
Reception Venue: La Princesa
DJ: Joe Dean
Mariachi Band: Mariachi Luz Del Sur
Officiant: Chuck Foreman
Hair Stylist: Chris Woolwine, Kutting Edge Salon
Dress: Premisa by La Sposa
Bridal Boutique: Brilliant Bridal
Florist: June Dudley of Rim Country Flowers
Cake Design/Baker:  Kendra’s Country Bakery
Videographer: Mandy Woodman Photography and Films
Second Shooter: Claire Waite Photography

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  1. Claire

    August 21st, 2018 at 7:43 am

    Such a beautiful day and such a sweet couple! And as always, you did an amazing job of telling their story, Marquette!

  2. Mindy

    August 21st, 2018 at 10:03 am

    What a beautiful wedding, they look like such a sweet couple. I love the cake, her dress! Oh my. The little ring bearer is so adorable. Beautiful Phoenix Wedding Day!

  3. Ashley Ziegler

    August 21st, 2018 at 11:00 am

    Oh my gosh…. her dress!!!! So gorgeous. Beautiful photos Marquette!

  4. Misty

    August 22nd, 2018 at 10:47 am

    Whaaaaat?!? This venue is unreal! I love her bright red lips too! What a gorgeous wedding!

  5. Kate Gansneder

    August 22nd, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    Adorable couple! Love their beautiful cake, too.