Oct 9, 2018

Max and Debi’s Discovery Park Wedding

As I pulled into the parking lot for Max and Debi’s Discovery Park Wedding I realized something significant to me. Discovery Park was where I did my first official portraits sessions years ago when I was exploring portrait photography. And there I was preparing for my last wedding before my semi-retirement. It had all come full circle, and it hit me kinda hard. So many years of meeting amazing people, being there to freeze some beautiful emotions and moments, and so many touching memories in my heart.

Max and Debi’s wedding, their official beginning together, was the perfect ending for me. The emotion I felt from these two was deep and strong. The joy from their families was beautiful. The light couldn’t have been more beautiful. The moments couldn’t have been more heartfelt. I felt so happy, honored, and emotional throughout the entire evening as I watched the love flow all around me.

The Ceremony

Stasha, with Jars and Lace, worked her magic with the ceremony site and the reception. Every touch was perfect. They found the most amazing place between the trees to allow for spectacular evening light, and a gorgeous view.

I loved the use of the olive branches and greenery to honor Max’s Italian heritage. They were the perfect touch, and just so beautiful!

Can every wedding have an entrance lit by beautiful golden glowing light?!?! This was the perfect setup!

Max and Debi’s exchange of vows was one of my favorites of all time. The powerful emotion in Max’s voice was unmistakable. You could feel that he meant every single word with his entire soul. Debi’s sweet and lighthearted vows were so full of joy and admiration for the love of her life. I could have listened all evening!

You always have to do a spin test with the flower girl…it’s just tradition and so darn cute!

Portraits as Mr. & Mrs.

When it came time for portraits, Max and Debi melded together like they were made for each other. They’ve found home in each other and you can see it in how they look at each other, how they wrap up in each other’s arms, and in their smiles. It’s the most beautiful thing to get to witness and capture!

Once the sun set behind the hill, we raced up top to catch the last glow of the sunset on the desert. I LOVE this light and this time of day, it’s my favorite time to shoot in! And Max and Debi ROCKED their portraits. They were real, raw, and absolutely beautiful, and I loved getting to capture them together.

I don’t remember what I said for this next shot, but I love their laughter and their happy faces!

The Reception

Following portraits, we went down to the Discovery Park barn for the reception and dinner. And Stasha again had done her magic with the Sola Wood flowers and all the decor. It was beautiful!

And of course the cake! Torey knocks it out of the ballpark every time! The bottom layer was Nutella and the middle was lemon! (The top went home with Max and Debi, so I don’t know what flavor it was, but I can tell you it was tasty, because Torey wouldn’t have it any other way!)

The signs on the wedding treats were my favorite! This one cracked me up:

An Italian Soda Bar?! Heck yes!! This was a HUGE hit!

And oh my goodness, this Italian Antipasto Bar was AMAZING!!! I only had a few small tastes inbetween taking pictures, but everything was to die for. So yummy!! And it smelled SO good!

As everyone was eating, Max and Debi slipped onto the dance floor and took their first dance as Husband and Wife. They danced first to the song in English, and then in Italian, and it was beautiful! I was grinning like a goofball the entire time, but I just loved it!

The kids had a marvelous time with the photo booth dress-ups and the fun music.

Max and Debi, this was such a special day in countless ways! The emotion and love I felt and saw from both of you touched me to my core. Capturing your wedding day and being there to witness each heartfelt moment was such a highlight of my year. I am so excited for you and your family and the continuation of this incredible journey you’re on together. I wish you many many more years of happiness, passion, and adventures!

Creative Team and Vendors:

Stasha Barlow, Jars & Lace
VENUE: Eastern Arizona College’s Discovery Park
DJ: Matt Corona
FLORALS: Stasha Barlow using Sola Wood Flowers
CAKE DESIGN: Torey Cranford, Cakes with TLC
CATERER: Ginaveve’s Market Place

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  1. Teri Gregg

    October 10th, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    Beautiful priceless memories as always Marquette! As you described your journey of capturing forever memories for this couple I felt their special day & I don’t know them. What a great job, you have a natural talent!
    So glad I was able to meet you and follow your work before you retired. Good luck with your family and I wish you a happy life whereever your heart leds you.
    Best Wishes, Teri

  2. Ashley Ziegler

    October 10th, 2018 at 4:26 pm

    These are just beautiful Marquette!! 🙂

  3. Deborah

    October 12th, 2018 at 12:42 am

    These images are so sweet and beautiful Marquette. I can feel their love and happiness!

  4. Janet

    October 22nd, 2018 at 10:58 am

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful people with beautiful scenery! I will miss viewing all of your gorgeous work. I followed you over here from Pinstrosity and fell in love with all of your work. I am sad to see you go but go with God and do what is best for you!

  5. Marquette LaRee

    October 22nd, 2018 at 11:33 am

    Janet, thank you so much! It’s meant so much to have you follow along and to offer in words of support and encouragement! I will miss this and will miss having a forum to meet and continue interacting with people regularly for sure! Hopefully this’ll be back up and running in a few years. In the meantime though if you’re on Instagram I’ll still be over there to keep up connections! I’m @marquettelaree on Instagram.