It’s hard to come up with 101 things! Just making this list is a big creative endeavor. 2017 will be the eighth 101 Things to Do This Year List that I’ve made and I’ve learned that I need to be specific, and that I need to be realistic and sometimes that makes it hard to come up with list items.

I know that I won’t finish everything on the list. I tend to get around 50% of the list done (some years more, other years less), but this list isn’t about perfection. This list is about trying new things, accomplishing goals, and it gives me things to work on through the year. When I’m at a loss for something to do I can check the list and find something.

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2017: 54 Done, 47 To Do
  1. Launch my new site in January
  2. Put away the Christmas decorations before February
  3. Order new business cards
  4. Make a new pricing guide
  5. Take wedding pictures (styled or real) in the badlands
  6. Shoot with a new photographer
    1. Deborah Allen, Winslow Images
  7. Eat somewhere new
    1. Zinburger
  8. Stay off social media for the whole day on a Sunday
  9. Make a new dessert
    1. Rocky Road Decadent Brownies-meh
  10. Have a family over for dinner
  11. Outsource editing
  12. Potty Train Darrow
  13. Go on a family bike ride
  14. Make cupcakes with Darrow
  15. Buy a new computer
  16. Go on a road trip
    1. Idaho for the funeral, but we made a trip out of it!
  17. Put money aside each month for Christmas
    1. Ibotta!
  18. Set up a weekly planning schedule
  19. Have new headshots taken
  20. Go carb free for a week
  21. Go on a “Mommy & Darrow” date
  22. Take 1 year pictures of Ione
  23. Submit photos for publication
  24. Write a hand written letter
  25. Try something new with my hair
    1. Sock bun!
  26. Get rid of the changing table
  27. Go to lunch by myself
  28. Get rid of the baby swing
  29. See somewhere new
    1. KJ’s House!
  30. Get a new camera bag
  31. Go to the Grand Canyon
  32. Give away the orange and blue baby quilt
  33. Get client management software
  34. Reach 1,000 Facebook followers
  35. Buy a new camera body
  36. Go on an out of town date with Cameron
  37. Go on a date in Flagstaff
  38. Move Ione out of our room
  39. Reach 1,000 Instagram followers
  40. Eat a new food
    1. Cherry Calfoutis
  41. Submit to the magazine cover contest
  42. Make a new dinner
    1. Mexican Street Corn and Carne Asada
  43. Get one of our family photos printed large for the wall
  44. Have a family picnic
  45. Make a new autumn decoration
  46. Blog 3 times a week for 4 weeks in a row
  47. Finish The Academy before October 12
  48. Do a styled shoot in AZ
  49. Exercise 5 days in a row
  50. Make my bridal guide
  51. Meet at least 20 online friends in person
    1. Anh Maness (West End Photo), January 7
    2. Amanda Csaskan (Aloe Creative), January 30
    3. Cassie Hiatt (Cass and Co Films), January 30
    4. Jenn Sutton (Photography by Jenn Sutton), January 30
    5. Jennifer Duran (Pace Creative), January 30
    6. Lupita Santana (Virtual Assistant), January 30
    7. Kris Clements, March 11
    8. Shauna Pointier (Perfect Wedding Guide-New Mexico), March 16
    9. Kaila Cales, April 22
    10. Lara Gabrielsen, May 6
    11. Sadie Banks, June 2
    12. Elizabeth Victory, June 10
    13. Mikaela Durfee, August 15
    14. Chris Sosa
    15. Misty Christensen
    16. Raelene Schulmeister
    17. Carissa Kennedy
    18. Veronica Illioli
    19. Amanda Cromer
    20. Jennifer Pierce
    21. And a whole lot more at United!
  52. Go dancing
  53. Make a photo album
  54. Make a crochet bear hat
  1. Get to 170 lbs
  2. Get to 165 lbs
  3. Get to 160 lbs
  4. Food prep a week’s worth of food
  5. Meal plan for a week and stick with the plan
  6. Do a styled shoot in NM
  7. Get up at 5 am every day for a week.
  8. Send vendor packets
  9. Have family scripture time every day for a week
  10. Reread the Book of Mormon
  11. Go a month without watching Netflix/Amazon Prime
  12. Listen to/read 5 new books
  13. Pay off $3000 on the Student Loan
  14. Make 5 types of pie
    1. Prickly Pear Meringue
    2. Cherry/Blueberry
    3. Cherry Calfoutis
    4. Buttermilk
  15. Visit 10 National/State Parks
    1. Grand Canyon
    2. Tonto Natural Bridge
    3. Tonto National Park
  16. Go see the Joseph City cracks
  17. Add a Styled Shoot section to the site/blog
  18. Finish a UFO
  19. Go camping
  20. Do 10 crafts/DIY projects.
    1. Independence Day Parade Decor
    2. Collage Wall
    3. Hello Box
    4. Painted the furniture
  21. Host a game night
  22. Have a dinner party for the Autumnal Solstice
  23. Make a new Christmas Ornament
  24. Get a bench cover
  25. Buy Unposed.
  26. Visit Emilee
  27. Get one of my art prints hung on the wall
  28. Put the knobs on the dresser
  29. Make a skirt
  30. Do a canvas art project
  31. Do 5 anniversary sessions
    1. Cami and Will
    2. Mikaela and Dallin
  32. Do one successful month on the cash envelope method
  33. Play a new game
  34. Go on a double date
  35. Build a snowman
  36. Hike down into the Painted Desert
  37. Make progress on one sewing project
  38. Paint the knife block
  39. Have a New Mexico Party
  40. Make a new Christmas decoration
  41. Make Amish Friendship Bread
  42. Get a pendant light for the living room
  43. Make a trifle
  44. Make macarons
  45. Give away the sheep baby quilt
  46. Send a bridal welcome packet
  47. Go on a train ride