It’s hard to come up with 101 things! Just making this list is a big creative endeavor. 2017 will be the eighth 101 Things to Do This Year List that I’ve made and I’ve learned that I need to be specific, and that I need to be realistic and sometimes that makes it hard to come up with list items.

I know that I won’t finish everything on the list. I tend to get around 50% of the list done (some years more, other years less), but this list isn’t about perfection. This list is about trying new things, accomplishing goals, and it gives me things to work on through the year. When I’m at a loss for something to do I can check the list and find something.

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2018: 24 Done, 77 To Do
  1. Launch the Prickly Pear VIP Lounge
  2. Do a FB Live in the Prickly Pear Group
  3. Try a new recipe
  4. Set up a kid zone in the office
  5. Revamp Business Plan
  6. Make the mini Bridal guide
  7. Outsource something new
    1. Pinterest!
  8. Make Prickly Pear Jelly
  9. Set dates to review business plan and put them in the calendar
  10. Buy new external hard drives
  11. Buy new SD cards
  12. Plan 1 months worth of Instagram posts in advance
  13. Eat at a non-chain restaurant in Payson
    1. La Sierra! That relleno burrito!
  14. Back up all personal photos
  15. Go one month without Netflix
  16. Last two months without Netflix
  17. Print pricing guides
  18. Print family photos for Dining Room
  19. Print photos for Laundry Room
  20. Exercise 5 days in a row
  21. Don’t eat out for 2 weeks
  22. See somewhere new around Payson
    1. Water Wheel
  23. Get to three months without Netflix
  24. Don’t eat out for 1 month


  1. And then go four months without Netflix
  2. Squeeze out five months without Netflix
  3. Party at six months without Netflix
  4. Blog twice a week for four weeks in a row
  5. Blog 3 times a week for four weeks in a row
  6. Read one business book
  7. Take the kids on a Saturday morning date
  8. Read one fiction book
  9. Read the New Testament
  10. Wake up at 5 am every day for a week
  11. Trello everyday for a week
  12. Read the Book of Mormon
  13. Shoot 10 weddings
    1. Kurt and Kristin
    2. Matt and Josie
  14. Print Bridal Guides
  15. Do a FB live on the Page
  16. Buy a new lens
  17. Do 5 DIY projects
  18. Get a photo album made
  19. Do a shoot with Kate
  20. Get Darrow into the eye doctor
  21. Build a snowman
  22. Have a dinner party
  23. Make a pansies don’t prosper sign
  24. Make a “live like no one else” Dave Ramsey quote sign
  25. Go camping
  26. Donate clothes
  27. Donate shoes
  28. Make a tiny house list (items we can’t get rid)
  29. Write one letter a month
  30. Write out a 5 year plan
  31. Finish the KJ course by May
  32. Rewatch the IG Lab
  33. Finish the Art of Authentic Posing course
  34. 1 month on cash envelope
  35. 2 months on cash envelope
  36. Reach 180 lbs
  37. Get to 175 lbs
  38. Drop to 170 lbs
  39. Slim down to 165 lbs
  40. Party at 160 lbs
  41. Put the knobs on the dresser
  42. Save $50 on Ibotta
  43. Go to a Tuesdays Together meeting
  44. Meet 10 online friends
    1. Keely
    2. Keri
    3. Maryana
  45. Have anniversary photos taken
  46. Have family photos taken
  47. Make second shooters plus site
  48. Finish Leader requirements for Personal Progress
  49. Take a class
  50. Teach photography (mentorship or class)
  51. Have a non-photographer guest post on the blog
  52. Have a past client guest post on the blog.
  53. Do a Facebook or Instagram video with Cameron
  54. Have Cameron second shoot again
  55. Stick to my office hours perfectly for one full week
  56. Play outside with the kids every day for a week
  57. Do 30 bags in 30 days decluttering challenge
  58. Host my own challenge
  59. Get new flash umbrellas
  60. Start an herb garden
  61. Host a Prickly Pear VIP Date Night
  62. Do a puzzle
  63. Get $3,000 paid on Student Loan
    1. $2000 down!
  64. Prepare the advent calendar in advance (have it all ready before December)
  65. Send Christmas Cards before the 10th of December
  66. Finish the painted nativity sets
  67. Shop at a Farmer’s Market
  68. Start a sketch book
  69. Journal 4 times in a month
  70. Go to Spring Sing
  71. Print my Academy Certificate
  72. Frame my Academy Certificate
  73. Print family Photo for Cameron’s Office
  74. Have a NM Christmas party
  75. Play a new game
  76. Dance to our song with Cameron
  77. Do a session in Southern Utah