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Dec 6, 2016

I woke up that morning to eerie light filtering in the window. Sitting up I realized the high prairie was blanketed in a soft winter fog that made you feel like you were the only ones in existence, and that the world melted away just beyond the white shroud. You could just make out the […]

Nov 2, 2016

I have been dying to shoot up in the Little Painted Desert or the Badlands since we moved to Northern Arizona. There is something about that landscape that is surreal, beautiful, and moving to me. The colors, the nothingness that holds so much, and the stillness is like nowhere else I’ve ever been. You feel […]

Sep 10, 2016

Finding the right words for this post has been hard. My heart is so incredibly full and my eyes may or may not be a little misty. Let me tell you about these two. Scott and Paralee have been married for 31 years. 31 years! Having the opportunity to capture love that has cemented a […]

Aug 6, 2016

When you haven’t seen a friend for a while, there is always a tinge of “fear” when you get together again. “What if she’s changed?” “What if we have nothing to talk about?” “What if it’s awkward?” And then it’s so amazing when you finally do get together and it’s like nothing has changed and […]

Aug 5, 2016

Two years ago we met up in downtown Silver City, NM and wandered the streets taking pictures in the park and historic district. One year ago we got up early and drove out to Lost Dutchman State Park, AZ and wandered around as the sun came up, snapping pictures as we went. This year when […]