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Feb 9, 2017

Five years ago Cameron and I were hanging out with our good friends (and my cousin!) Emilee and Chip, and we got cruising sites like Cake Wrecks and Regretsy. “Man! There needs to be a site like this for failed Pinterest projects!” Light bulbs went on for all of us. After doing searches online, we found […]

Feb 1, 2017

“How many?” “There will be 4 or 5 of us I think. I’m not 100% sure how many are coming.” “No problem! What are their names, we’ll send them over.” And then I realized for the most part, I didn’t know who I was meeting with. I could tell the hostess their Instagram names, but […]

Jan 17, 2017

Details. Everything is about the details these days. It’s so amazing to look at all the thought, creativity, and work that went into every aspect of the wedding day. Rings, necklaces, ties, shoes, cufflinks, watches, veils, centerpieces, shoes, letters, invitations, flowers, lockets, etc. All the small pieces add up. So many memories tied up in […]

Jan 16, 2017

I know. We’re half way into January and I’m just now talking about the New Year and my hopes, dreams, and goals. But better late than never! I hope the first 15 days of the New Year have been good to you, and that you’ve been good to it! I’ve learned the past few years […]

Jan 9, 2017

Today has been a long time coming; nearly a year in the making! Last March, after we brought Ione home from the hospital, I started in on a new course from my classes by The International Academy of Wedding Photographers. I was afraid of this course. Everyone talked about how it was a huge and […]