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Sep 29, 2017

It’s down to my last two weeks of course work in The International Academy of Wedding Photographers! It’s down to watching two more modules, submitting 5 more homework assignments, and one quiz. I am almost a certified wedding photographer!! The final course I’m working on is all about using flash on and off the camera, […]

Sep 28, 2017

Family sessions is not a service I advertise much anymore as I’ve moved most of my work to weddings and anniversaries, but I love making room in my schedule for special family sessions. And when your sister asks if you’ll take a quick family shot for them while they are up visiting, the answer is […]

Jun 28, 2016

Last week was a special week for us as we got to go home. Home to Cameron’s parents house. Home to where I spent my childhood. Home to where we were married. Home with people we love. When my family moved from Edgewood, I thought for sure I’d never find home again. My 14 year […]

May 20, 2016

Many of you surely have seen the video of “The Lone Marine” or “The Saluting Marine”, as he stands in salute for the Veterans as they arrive in Washington, DC. It’s a powerful tribute to these heroes! On May 29th he will stand again, with his new bride and honor these Veterans.  I won’t get […]

Oct 5, 2015

I’ve been dying for the first “Autumny” day around here, and today it hit. It’s cloudy, drizzly, cool, and perfect! Soups, hot cocoa, and bread have been on my mind all day. Mmmmm. I was also excited for a chance to dress Darrow in some of his new digs we’ve found in thrift stores and […]