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Sep 6, 2016

Standing on the ground where he had asked Marissa to be his wife, Chandler waited for his bride. As she came up behind him her eyes were dancing. They were finally here! Watching as the two of them saw each other for the first time on their wedding day was touching. She was radiant, he […]

Aug 29, 2016

I’m not a huge ice cream fan, unless it’s really good ice cream. Like homemade with real cream, or mixed with peanut butter swirls. So when I met with Aidan and Kenzie at the Rockwell Ice Cream Co., and saw they have a cinnamon roll sundae, I was all in. Worth every single penny and […]

Aug 23, 2016

When you have a wedding in Mesa in the summer, you just hold your breath that it won’t be a 120 degree day. Well, whoever put in the weather order with the Big Guy sure knew what they were doing, because Rachel and Jaron’s wedding day was absolutely beautiful. Especially for Mesa in the middle […]

Jul 21, 2016

Neither Brad nor Kory were anxious or nervous on their wedding day. They both told me they were just excited and so ready to start their life together as husband and wife. If there were any nervous nerves, they didn’t show it at all; I have honestly never worked with a more laid back couple! […]

Jun 22, 2016

Marcus and Taylor stood on the dance floor, surrounded by over 25 other married couples (and her engaged sister). Dancing around them was more than 350 years of combined marriage experience from their friends and family. What an amazing reminder and support system. “If you aren’t married yet, sit down.” The engaged sister and fiance […]